What makes us different?

In brief, our focus are:

  • excellent quality of professional conduct in view of both standard legal advising and tricky solutions as well as successful litigation services;
  • long-lasting collaboration with clients prevailing over (but not excluding) case-by-case incidental counseling.

The dynamic background of our clients’ business makes us face and override challenges. Only professional level of expertise may produce competent assessment and swift and adequate response in complicated situations. Consequently, with no compromise we require from every member of the team to demonstrate profound knowledge of the laws and the intricate legal issues and constantly to elaborate the skills of a qualified practitioner. 
During years of successful work with corporate clients we have grown convinced that the solid insight into both client’s business and surrounding competition factors is an impressive asset while building relations of trust and smooth cooperation.
For all these reasons our firm has concentrated its activities to overall legal advising of permanent clients, always trying to make them feel comfortable with a reliable consultant.
We have been close to a number of our clients from the very beginning – from the days of investigation and selection of the most appropriate investment scheme in Bulgaria and the foundation days. So far we have solved together a few critical problems and helped them in taking key decisions. That’s what makes us say that we recognize our clients and they recognize us.