Register of the Publications Angel Simeonov Kalaydjiev

Register of the Publications

Angel Simeonov Kalaydjiev


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  11. Suretyship, Sibi, 1993, 160 p.
  12. The Check in Bulgarian Law, Sibi, 1992, 300 p.

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  77. Electronic Act and Electronic Document, Market and Law, 2002/1, p.55-56
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  83. Is It Necessary Article 152 of the Law for Obligations and Contracts in the Commercial Turnover, Commercial Law, 2002/5, p. 33-35
  84. The Right of the Shareholder in a Public Liability Company to Require from the Company to Buy-back his Shares, Commercial Law, 2002/6, p.29-32
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  88. Contract in Favour of a Third Party, Notary Bulletin, 2003/2, p. 12-17
  89. Is It Possible to Attack the Resolutions of the General Meeting of the Shareholders on the Ground of the Claims under Article 646 and 647 of the Commerce Act ? Commercial Law, 2003/3, p. 58-61
  90. The Abuse of Right in the Insolvency Procedure, Commercial Law, 2003/4, p .45-49
  91. Contract for Certification Services, Market and Law, 2003/6, p. 66-73
  92. About the Secured Taking in the Insolvency Procedure, Market and Law, 2003/7, p. 44-45
  93. About the Mortgage Securing More Than One Taking, Market and Law, 2003/10, p.25-27
  94. Protection of the Partners or the Shareholders of the Companies under Reorganization, Commercial Law, 2003/5, p.42-51
  95. Directive 2002/47/EC and Bulgarian law, Commercial Law, 2003/6, p.78-81
  96. About the Validity of the Acts of Disposition with Rights over Real Estate upon Occurrence of Unpaid Public Liabilities, Commercial Law, 2004/1, p. 71-74
  97. Is It Possible to Transfer the Rights of the Shareholders Prior to Issuing Shares, Commercial Law, 2005/5-6, p.37-42
  98. What is the Meaning of the Payment Notice of the Bank Guarantee ? Commercial Law, 2006/4
  99. About the Transfer of the Public Liabilities of the Sole Trader in the Process of the Transfer of the Going Concern, Commercial Law, 2007/3, p.19-22
  100. Financial Collateral, Commercial Law, 2007/4, p.5-24


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  3. The Residential Rent, Commercial Law, 2004/2, p.93-95


Collection of cases (co-author)

  1. Collection of Cases on Civil Law and Property Law, 1987
  2. Collection of Cases on Obligation Law, 1991


Margarita Slavova Kalaidjieva

  1. The New Civil Procedure Code. Acceleration and Improvement of the Efficiency of Collection of Pecuniary Receivables, Bulletin of the Deutsch-Bulgarische Industrie -und Handelskammer, 2008/5, p. 6-7