Our consultants took actively part in the development of the investment projects of Royal Dutch Shell Jsc. in Bulgaria. Some of these projects are:
  • the elaboration of the complete due diligence report and advising the purchase of Amoco Bulgaria as a going concern on the part of Shell Bulgaria Jsc.;
  • due diligence, negotiating and drafting agreements for the transfer of the petrol stations of “Litex Commerce” Ltd. to Shell Bulgaria Jsc.;
  • the incorporation of “ Shell Gas Bulgaria” Jsc.;
  • the construction and putting into operation of the gas-filling plant of “ Shell Gas Bulgaria” Jsc.
The successful accomplishment of these investment projects of "Shell Bulgaria" Jsc. and "Shell Gas Bulgaria" Jsc. resulted in distinguishing the company Royal Dutch Shell with the prize "Foreign Investor for 1998" of the Agency for Foreign Investments.

Banking and Finance Projects. Mergers and Acquisitions

Members of our team have been occupied with the legal aspects of a successful foreign investment in a bank which was put under a "special supervision status" by the National Bank of Bulgaria and subsequently participated in the process of the rehabilitation of its business activity. That was the former "Mollov Bank" Jsc., at present "Piraeus Bank" Jsc.

Our consultants have prepared the legal framework for the incorporation and the licensing on the part of the National Bank of Bulgaria of "Bulgarian-American Credit Bank" Jsc. They also took care of the entire process of registration of "ING Bank" - Sofia Branch as an investment intermediary.

Partners from our legal team organized the incorporation and licencing of the insurance company “Euro Ins “ Plc. and drafted the documental framework needed for the beginning of its business activity.

Our team advised the mergers of local private companies and listed public liability companies.

Our team advised ‘Global Infrastructure Holdings Limited in respect of the contract for establishing control over ‘Kremikovtzi” Plc. by means of acquisition of its major shareholder and the respective collateral aspects.

Projects in Privatization, Public Sector and Trading with Securities

We have enriched our practice with a lot of experience concerning the company law, the privatization and the public offer and trading with securities simultaneously with the process of the incorporation and the first steps of the very first public companies in Bulgaria - the former privatization funds and the companies from the mass privatization scheme. We also both witnessed and advised the appearance of the first investment intermediaries. Our consultants successfully dealt with all stages of the incorporation and the participation in the mass privatization of a number of public companies, i.e. "Industrial Capital Holding" Jsc., "Eurohold" Jsc., "Bulgarleasing" Jsc. comprising the elaboration of prospects for the initial subscription of the company capital and for its subsequent increasing by means of public offers of shares together with all relevant documents required by the State Securities Commission (at present the Financial Supervision Commission), the periodical up-dating of the prospects, the registration of the share issues with the Central Depository, the organization of the constituent assemblies of the companies, the registration of the latter with the State Securities Commission and finally their court registration. We have also advised the elaboration of the prospects for public offering of shares of a number of other former privatization funds, namely Privatization Fund "Trud I Kapital" Plc., Privatization Fund "Nash Dom" Plc., Privatization Fund "St. Nicola" Plc., "Army Privatization Fund" Plc., Privatization Fund "Centre" Plc., "Central Privatization Fund" Plc., etc.

We have been keeping on advising the investment undertakings of our regular clients, such as "Industrial Capital" Plc., "Eurohold Bulgaria" Plc., etc. with respect to their portfolio formation and further improvement and we are solving the variety of legal problems concerning the changes of title over both shares and property and the day-to-day management of the privatized companies.

We are happy with the results from a lot of successful privatization deals where we took part in the negotiations and the support of our clients' interest. We are noting the privatizations of"Bulgarska Roza - Sevtopolis" - Kazanlak Jsc., "Milksi" - Silistra Ltd., "Chistota-Sofia" Jsc., Business Centre "Forum" - Sofia Jsc., "Siloma" - Silistra Jsc., "Zai" - Berkovitza Plc., "M+C Hydraulic" - Kazanlak Jsc., "Etropal" - Etropole Jsc., "Rodina 91" - Pernik Plc. "Agriani" - Radomir Jsc., "Pektin" - Pernik Jsc., etc.

Members of our team have been occupied with the legal aspects and prospects for listing of bond issues by “ Petrol“ Jsc. and “ Eurobank” Jsc. on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia following an assignment on the part of ING Bank-Sofia Branch.