Traditionally, we focus a significant part of our advisory services both on permanent and case-by-case level on Bulgarian and foreign banks and other entities from the financial sector, such as insurance companies, leasing companies, pension funds, investment intermediaries, former privatization funds (at present financial holding companies and other diverse-profile holding companies).
Rehabilitation of Banks
Members of our team have been occupied with the legal aspects of a successful foreign investment in a bank which was put under a "special supervision status" by the National Bank of Bulgaria and subsequently participated in the process of rehabilitation of its business activity.
Bank Licensing
Our consultants have prepared the legal framework for the incorporation and the licensing on the part of the National Bank of Bulgaria of Bulgarian-American Credit Bank Jsc.
Day-to-day Advising of Banks
ING Bank N.V. - Sofia Branch has been a permanent client of our law firm from the banking sector with a long track record of successful cooperation.
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