Mass Privatization and Prospecti for Initial Public Offerings

Our consultants successfully dealt with all stages of incorporation and participation in the mass privatization of a number of public companies, i.e. Industrial Capital Holding Plc., Eurohold Plc., Bulgarleasing Plc. The legal work comprised elaboration of prospecti for initial public offering related to subscription of the company equity capital and subsequent capital increases by means of public offering together with all relevant documents required by the State Securities Commission (at present Financial Supervision Commission), periodical updates of the prospecti, registration of the share issues with the Central Depository, listing procedures, organization of constituent and regular meetings of shareholders, compliance with all requirements of the Bulgarian national regulator, registrations with the courts.

We have also checked for legal compliance a number of other IPO prospecti of former privatization funds, such as Trud and Capital Privatization Fund Plc., Nash Dom Privatization Fund Plc., St. Nikola Privatization Fund Plc., Army Privatization Fund Plc., Privatization Fund Center Plc., Central Privatization Fund Plc.