Public Companies and Issuers of Financial Instruments

For many years the law firm has rendered legal advice in connection with the investment portfolio undertakings of some permanent clients, i.e. Industrial Capital Holding Plc., Eurohold Bulgaria Plc., etc. We have solved a variety of legal issues concerning transactions with securities and other assets of the privatized companies which are clients of ours and we also counseled day-to-day management decisions thereof.
Our team has been occupied with investigation in-deep of the legal aspects and preparation of prospecti for listing bond issues of Petrol Jsc. and Eurobank Jsc. on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia following an assignment on the part of ING Bank N.V.-Sofia Branch. Further on, we were engaged with certain legal issues  related to public offering of securities issued by Enemona Plc. as well as such issues pertaining to bond issues of Etropal Jsc., Eurolease Auto Jsc., Eurohold Bulgaria Plc.