Regulatory Regimes

Since the very commencement of our activities we have been strongly committed to render services to companies operating in compliance with different regulatory approvals, such as banks, public companies and listed issuers of financial instruments, insurance companies, investment intermediaries, special purpose vehicles, as well as many private companies. We regularly organize proceedings of general meetings of shareholders and bondholders and elaborate corporate documents tailor-made to the interests of our clients being holders of majority or minority shareholdings. Upon careful study of each concrete shareholding we draft standard or more sophisticated mechanics of management and control. Depending on both assignment and vested powers we negotiate in the name of clients acquisitions of stakes in target companies or design protective strategies against equity dilution. We also cope with all sorts of alterations of capital. In each of the aforesaid cases we take care of compliance with all regulatory procedures related to obtaining licenses, preliminary approvals and serving notifications in view to procure due observation of regulatory issues pursuant to the relevant special laws.